“For Tutuksi I’ve made translations, helped in organising events and interviewing other people who want hobbies. Meeting new nice people is the best in being part of Tutuksi.” -Amin

Tutuksi is run by volunteers. Volunteers are massively important to us and play an important role in developing and carrying out activities. Come and join our diverse and dynamic team!

Tutuksi’s work involves a wide range of voluntary tasks. You can find either small, quickly managed tasks to do or bigger responsibilities for contacting work, accompanying new arrivals, or communications and marketing. We take account of your own interests and background when planning what tasks you opt to take on. You can also tell us, what kind of activities you would like to organise!

Tasks include:

  • Finding the appropriate groups – matchmaking among friends
  • Accompanying new arrivals to group activities
  • Organising events
  • Photography or videoing
  • Communications tasks
  • Marketing work
  • Coordinating different areas

Interpretation is also a task also always valued with multilingual volunteers!

Volunteers are familiarised with the tasks, and they can take on precisely as much as they feel comfortable with. The Tutuksi team is a diverse group of folk from different backgrounds. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Henna.

Welcome to the Tutuksi community!