“In Iraq I studied law, but in the Bokvillan Café I have got to try many new things: I have helped in the kitchen, at the cashies and done customer service. Through the volunteer work I have also got my first new Finnish friends.” – Ahmed

Do you want to get to learn Finnish people? Do you want to find something interesting to do? Have you arrived to Finland as an asylum seeker? If you said “yes”, Tutuksi is for you!

Ahmed (in the photo) started to volunteer in the Bokvillan Café over two years ago and is also part of the Tutuksi group in Helsinki. You can also find new friends through Tutuksi activities!

In Tutuksi, we think together about what kind of hobbies or free-time activities are good for you. We will also find you a group to do those things with. Join a Tutuksi event to tell us about what you are interested in or contact Johanna.

Welcome to become part of the Tutuksi community!